Monday, May 10, 2010

God vs Darwin - the Card Game of Evolution and Intelligent Design

Okay, so this idea came to me of a card game with cards for Intelligent Design and cards for Evolution, and the two (or more) players would duke it out in kind of the same way that you would in Magic: The Gathering.
Game play
Players take turns?  Or maybe it should switch back-and-forth in a kind of Darwinian "winner takes all"?

Goals of the Game
Are the players trying to destroy each other?  Or are they trying to create their own wonderful creatures?  (kind of like gin rummy - once you have three cards that go together, you can lay down a creature.  But the way you get those three cards would be determined by whether you're playing your hand by Intelligent Design or Evolutionary rules.

Fun Tricks
Intelligent Design players get "smote" and "nonrandom lightening strike" and "fossil resurrection."  Evolutionist players get "horde of cockroaches" and "sudden death plague" and "fecund reproduction."  (or maybe the plague card could be played by either side?  hmm...)

The Popular Draw
This game would need to be funny.  It would have to be the kind of game where people who hold either point of view could play the game, get a good chuckle out of it, and hopefully learn something about the beliefs of the other side.  Maybe we could put in some historic quotes from like the Snopes Monkey Trial and the New Testament.  Yes, I think that would be most appropriate.

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