Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Crosslands: Where Dragon Meets Lightsaber

It was a rumored place, a hidden place.  Parents would tell their children that, in the darkness, the wicked sons and daughters were spirited away to this place.  In flight school, the star guides did their best to quell speculation.  "It's a myth," they said.  "A nowhere place."

They were right, of course.  It is a myth.  A nowhere place.  But that doesn't mean it isn't real.

The Crosslands.  It would be a great meeting place - but you can never be sure you'll ever go home.

The idea with the Crosslands is that there's a kind of fold in the universe, and it's only a light slip away from anywhere.  Maybe gravity holds it in place, or maybe it's somehow the transdimensional center of the universe.  Either way, though, you find strange things there.  Like dragons.  And alien humanoids who carry these glowing weapons that look an awful lot like light sabers.

The funny thing about the Crosslands is that it is inextricably linked to the Earth.  More than that, though, you can actually feel the place, if you know how to look.  Writers, artists, movie makers - they often see things from the Crosslands without even realizing it.  Gremlins, vampires, zombies - these creatures haunt the emotional psyche of the human race through emotional crossover.  As intelligent beings, we humans pick up on the essence of these things, and they contaminate our dreams and our literature.  It's possible that, in the past, some of these creatures contaminated more than just our dreams, that they actually crossed over into our reality from time to time.  But no one really knows.

Our connection to the Crosslands is tenuous.  Maybe it has always been there, or maybe it is simply in the process of passing by.  Dragons might be descended from dinosaurs, or they might be tag-alongs from yet another universe altogether.  But here is what we do know: there are a lot of human beings in the Crosslands.  They've built their own civilization, one that rests on the foundation of stone fortresses and the powerful energies of magic.  If they fear anything, it is that another race will arrive to take their place, just as they took the place of the race before them.

The Crosslands.  It's a violent place.  An energetic place.  A place you can never leave, though you'll never want to stay.

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